Tips For Job Hunting

At FreshTies we offer employability workshops to help people utilise their skills and gain confidence so they are able to find the job that is right for them.

Here are our top tips for job hunting:

  • Attend Networking Meetings

A great way to find out about jobs and future opportunities that are not advertised is by meeting potential employers. Attending networking meetings that are relevant to your desired area of work will allow you to meet useful contacts and find out more about your the field you wish to work in.

  • Use LinkedIn

The ‘jobs’ section of LinkedIn allows you to search for jobs based on their title, keywords, company, and location. Advertising jobs on LinkedIn is free so many organisations do this when looking to employ, and the amount of applicants per job is less as it is not directly advertised outside of LinkedIn.

  • ‘Put Your Foot In The Door’

Think of every way you can to gain experience in your desired area of work. This could include applying for jobs that require a small amount of skills but will allow you to gain experience of the field of work. This will allow you to gain on-the-job experience, network with contacts, meet potential employers, and show commitment to job.

  • Make Use Of Contacts

Use contacts of people you already know, friends of friends, and career services available from schools, colleges and universities. By meeting and talking to people in your desired field of work, you are more likely to come across an opportunity that could be beneficial to you.

To find out more employability tips by attending our training workshops, contact FreshTies at 02921 158 474 or email


How Working Together Can Help Your Organisation

The FreshTies communications team have attended a number of networking events over the last few weeks. These events have been great opportunities to meet with other third sector organisations and discussing how working collaboratively can benefit us both.

Events have included the C3SC annual AGM, the Ethnic Minority Communities First end of programme review and the Cardiff Children Young People and Families Network.

Here are some of the ways that working together can help all third sector organisations:

Working together means we are able to share our contacts so that awareness can be raised among each others contacts. By networking with a range of organisations we have increased awareness of our services and can be recommend to others.

By applying for lottery funded grants and mentioning other third sector organisations in applications which explain the work you plan to do collaboratively your application is strengthened. Financial investments can be more successful when knowledge, resources and contacts are shared.

Creating a relationship with other third sector organisations means we are able to share resources. This is seen in FreshTies where we have been able to borrow rooms for meetings and run training courses from other organisations when they are not using them). The legal background of our staff has meant we have been able to help other with a range of queries they have had.

To learn more about how you could work with FreshTies, please do get in contact.
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Social Media Training Workshop

On Friday 30th December our communications team delivered a Social Media Strategies workshop as part of the C3SC AGM Funding and Information Fair.

FreshTies presentation

The Cardiff Third Sector Council hosted their annual general meeting and information fair this week. The meeting consisted of speeches from members of the C3SC and from Richard Edwards, the chair of the organisation.

The fair also held a variety of different seminars and workshops. These were on commissioning, HR management, grants management, social media skills, and adopting a co-operative structure.

Our communications team hosted a social media strategy workshop, which explained how to use social media to promote an organisation, focussing on those in the third sector.

The social media sites that were covered include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Foursquare, YouTube and Blogs.

Here is what was taught during the workshop:

  • The most effective content to use on each site
  • How to manage and schedule social media posts to save time from constantly posting
  • How to get more views on your social media sites and how to get your sites highly ranked on search engines

FreshTies Social Media Training

To find out more about the training courses that FreshTies offer or to book a social media training workshop, contact us at 02921 158 474 or email for more information.

Ways You Can Improve Lives This Christmas

The FreshTies online magazine discusses how homelessness remains a concern in the UK this Christmas. Our journalist Rhys Thomas reports on the issue in his article here.
The statistics in the article are shocking. According to homeless charity Shelter there will be 75,000 homeless children on Christmas Day this year.
Here at FreshTies we want to do everything we can to help those in difficult situations.

These are our tips on how we can all do our bit to help:

Christmas is a time for spending with family, however for some people this is not possible and Christmas is spent alone on the street. Offering your time to volunteer can help homeless people. There are many opportunities to get involved with homeless shelters so you can volunteer some of your Christmas time for others.

Christmas is a time to wrap up warm inside your house, however some people do not have this luxury. Offering your money can help homeless and low income people. There are many different charities you can donate to which aim to help people find accommodation such as Shelter and Crisis.

Christmas is a time where many of us indulge in excessive amounts of food, however some people will not have enough to feed themselves or their families. Offering food can help homeless and low income people. Food banks distribute food which is donated to homeless and low income families. Find a food bank in your area and find out how you could help.

Christmas is a time where many children are treated with presents, however some will not receive any. Offering toys and items to meet children’s basic needs can help homeless and low income families. You can help by creating a ‘Toybox’. There are many places toy boxes are collected and distributed, so find out where there is one in your local area and fill a box with goodies for children this Christmas.

For more articles on current affairs and issues check out the FreshTies online magazine.

Give Blood

This week our FreshTies employees and volunteers visited the Wales Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay to give blood.

FreshTies Give Blood

There are blood donation sessions all across the UK where you can turn up on the day or book an appointment in order to donate.

All you have to do is turn up, register and your donation could help to save someones life.

To find out more about how you can donate and where, visit the Welsh Blood website.


FreshTies give blood

4 Tips on How to Use Social Media for Third Sector Organisations

Social media allows you to engage with a large audience for free and is therefore a great form of marketing for third sector organisations.

As FreshTies is a third sector organisation, our PR & Marketing employees share their tips for organisations marketing in this sector:

1. Tone Used Throughout Social Media Sites
Keep your tone consistent throughout your posts on social media sites. If you decide to use an informal and chatty tone, make sure to use this on each social media platform.

2. Timing of Posts
Plan when you send out each social media post. Statistics show that posting at 12pm weekdays and in the evenings on weekends are when most users are engaged, so use this to your advantage by posting regularly. You can also use social media sites to promote any up-and-coming events that your organisation may have, for example creating a Facebook event and inviting users to it.

3. Varied Content
Using a variety of media throughout social media sites will engage the audience and encourage interaction. Media can include photos, screenshots, videos, audio clips. These could be of events, fundraisers, activities or the day-to-day running of the organisation. These will keep the audience interested, and allow them to see the organisation visually.

4. Interaction With Other Users
Interaction is key when using social media for marketing. This gives a human aspect to the organisation and allows people to get involved with it and form a connection. Interact with service users and other third sector organisations by asking questions, encouraging conversation, and asking for feedback. Creating online polls is also a great interactive way to get people involved with the organisation.
These tips are just some of the ways in which your organisation can benefit from using social media for marketing

To discover more ways it can benefit your organisation and how to run social media sites contact FreshTies for more information about our Social Media Training Courses on 02921 158 474 or email us at

Radio Cardiff Interview

This week our FreshTies team got to attend the Radio Cardiff studios for the Cardiff in Action show!

Cardiff in Action is run by the Voluntary Community Service and discusses organisations volunteering opportunuties, their aims and any up-and-coming events.

Our PR and Marketing Coordinator, Fundraising and Business Development Officer and Journalist interns all attended and spoke on the show. The interview was held by Jeremy Rees who is part of Voluntary Action Cardiff.

If you missed it check out the podcast here!

Cardiff In Action provides organisations with a platform to broadcast messages about what they do. Our team discussed what it’s like working at FreshTies, the opportunities volunteers gain, how the training we offer can improve peoples lives, and asking people to get in touch if they have any issues they would like us to cover in our online magazine. 

The Cardiff In Action show is held every Thursday between 3-4pm. If you are interested in getting involved or wish to find out more, contact or 02920 227625/ 486999.

To find out more about the services discussed in the podcast you can view our website, call us at 02921 158 474 or by email